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Click & Collect available for in stock orders. Click here for more details.
Click & Collect available for in stock orders. Click here for more details.

Covid-19 & Glass Shelf Collectibes

Covid-19 and Glass Shelf Collectibles.

With the announcement made today (04.01.21) by our Government that we are re-entering a National lock down, we would like to remind our customers what this means for Glass Shelf Collectibles.

What does this mean for us?

We take the welfare of our team and customers seriously and it is our top priority in these trying times. The main changes we have made are working from home where possible, this includes and not limited to customer support, site maintenance and social media presence. The areas of the business that is essential for us to operate from our fulfillment site are being done so by following Government guidelines as sternly as possible, this includes having minimal staff on site and enforcing social distancing and strict sanitation.

What does this mean for your orders?

Please be advised that we are continuing to trade as normally as we possibly can, however, there is always the possibility of minor delays to order fulfillment due to extra steps being taken to ensure safety is put first.


We also offering 'order holding'. If you would like your order held back during the lock down, please contact us via and let a member of the team know. your order will be packed and securely stored until you are ready for it to be dispatched. 

What does this mean for delivery?

We have been advised by our delivery service providers that due to possible disruptions caused as a direct impact of Covid-19 that there will be potential delays to all delivery services. We have to all be mindful that with more people staying home, a lot of us will once again be turning to online shopping as a way to get the things that we need. This inevitably puts extra pressure on the delivery services.

What does this mean for suppliers?

With workplace teams thinning out at all levels, including suppliers; the likelihood of extra pressure and work load causing delays is high. We kindly ask everyone to keep this in mind while we work with our suppliers to try and keep stock, including pre-order lines flowing in as timely as possible. 


We thank you all for your understanding and urge you all to stay safe during this unusually troubling time.

Kind Regards


The GSC Team